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We stand up to the billion dollar bullies.

We represent people like you! We fight for people against the billion dollar insurance companies. We represent people who have been injured or wronged and the other person’s insurance company won’t pay and we represent property owners who have suffered damage and their own insurance company won’t pay.


If you are being mistreated by an insurance company call us for a free consultation. We will let you know what your rights are and how to proceed.


Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Auto accidents, wrongful death, dog bite, product liabilities, etc.

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Case Studies
  • $2.8M Settlement: Pedestrian v. Auto

    A negligent ambulance driver who was not on an emergency call struck our client while she was crossing the street. She suffered serious life altering

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  • $1.5M Settlement: Motorcycle v. Auto

    Our client suffered serious injuries to his leg after his motorcycle was struck by a driver trying to make an illegal left hand turn. Defense tried to

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  • $1.25M Settlement: Motorcycle v. Auto

    Our client suffered serious injuries to his leg after his motorcycle was struck by a driver who was making an illegal U-turn. Client had approximately

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Case Studies
  • $485,000+ Settlement: Property Damage

    Our client suffered a total loss of his property as a result of wildfires. Insurance initially offered $1,182,222.54 to cover the loss prior to our re

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  • $305,000+ Settlement: Property Damage

    Our client owns a multiunit property that sustained severe water damage affecting four units, common area, and a commercial space on our client’s pr

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  • $285,000+ Settlement: Property Damage

    Our clients suffered water damage to their property. After retaining our firm, the insurance carrier made an initial offer of $160,858.79 to cover th

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Property Damage Claims

Bad faith fire and flood damage claims.

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Our focus is on you!

We know there are a lot of law firms that sign up a ton of clients and then disappear after the paperwork is signed. We do things a little differently. We focus on customer service and making sure that the client has an update on their case and understands what is happening at each stage of the case. We don’t sign up every case that walks through the door and that’s so we can provide top quality service to the clients that we represent. Reputation can’t be bought, it’s only earned, and we fight for that reputation every day with every client.



We’re here to help.

Pratik Shah and Arthur D’Egidio and their team of lawyers and staff stand up against billion-dollar bullies. Pratik, Arthur, and their team of professionals have settled hundreds of cases for people against insurance companies. Arthur has spent his whole career fighting against insurance companies and his experience and knowledge help resolve cases quickly and for maximum value. If the insurance company refuses to settle and we have no choice but to sue them then Pratik Shah will use the skills he honed at the District Attorney’s office to hold them accountable in front of a jury. It’s better for everybody if a case can be resolved without trial but insurance companies are stubborn and many times they won’t pay what’s fair unless you make them.